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Evolution Chips fuel calculator

Calculate savings and payback time. See how you can benefit from better mpg & economy with an Evolution Chip that will give you better fuel economy. GUARANTEED!

Start saving fuel today...

In the present economic climate, most of you will be very eager to save on fuel costs wherever possible.
With the help of this fuel calculator you will be able to calculate your vehicle's current fuel consumption and the cost for a journey. You can then compare the figures to those that you can expect after an Evolution Chips remap where a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 20% can be expected. Don't forget - Evolution Chips are the only company who guarantee better fuel economy (Better MPG) after a remap.

Remap payback calculator

To calculate how many miles it will take to pay off an Evolution Chips fuel economy chip or OBD remap through the potential of the 20% reduced fuel consumption, please provide the estimated MPG for your vehicle, and the price of your fuel in pence per litre. Don't know what MPG you currently get? Use our calculator below.

Remap cost


MPG improvement


Original MPG


Fuel Cost

 pence/Litre (Feb 2018)

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Many Thanks To Nick Sharpin for this fuel calculator page.

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